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I am and will always be a music lover..growing up in the 70s and living in small town America..when new music came out it was are chance to experience different views and what else was going on in world through how that artist had experienced and wanted to share with us…a true artist share a truth and as long as you don’t label or judge whatever that message is you can continue to learn and grow.. people always say music is not the same…and they are right it’s not..and for years I often wonder why..first why should it be the same…what changed it…just like us music has something to say…a message..a soul and a sprit…and for a long time it was the main way to get a message to large groups ..really the only uncensored way….fast forward a few decades and that message comes from many different sources..and music got left behind…no blaming or finding fault will change with any particular thing will change what’s happened..but it will stop you from connecting and reasoning from why it did…when you really listen hearing the lyrics the words..then you feel the melody of that song that a artist brought to life..It’s very powerful..when you hear the truth it’s like a splinter that stays with you…when a artist is in his prime and it can happen at any given point…thier music is unstoppable it soul and sprit come together it’s amazing…you look back through the years and how artist that brought so much joy to us suffered…and died painful lonely ways …many artist wrote and sang such incredible music at early ages…much like we are told young children can learn better because of thier age…that is true but looking deeper into why I feel it comes from a child doesn’t judge or label what they are experiencing..they take in and learn….and we all can still do that at any age….now a artist with the talent and gift is often very in touch with soul and sprit…and makes music for the true love of music…for years you can witness bands loaded with talent often didn’t last and honestly that’s not really important…the fact the came together was enough…any artist and we can be artist,that bring music to our ears for that purpose and no other is what separates then from the others ..precived to be hard to deal with and control by whatever music label at the time was trying to make money from something a artist created to express a message they wanted to get out caused many crazy outcomes …but that message lives on.. no matter what it will always be there in thier music….it’s there right now go back and listen to different track’s …there no expectations .time limit….you will hear and experience different feelings when you go back and look with your sprit….and don’t take every word so today’s world we often take every word literally and miss the original intent …the message…and that’s ok ..were not perfect and neither is the artist..we know the lyric I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wondering..I heard that lyric for years label it in my mind and stop learning from it…still enjoyed but gave up on it ..but then as I listen with my soul and sprit I realized and the way I felt at the time the rain represented the world …what ever it might be…knock at door…a phone call. Was interrupting the writers thoughts….now maybe that’s not the case but it brought comfort…and I want any artist out there feeling frustrated thinking thier music is dead or forgotten…no way your message will outlive all of us and be there to mentor growth…I was inspired after reading a article about a artist that tore up a picture of a particular religions figure….now I watched live at the time and like many judged and didn’t give free thought to what I saw …a very painful experience in many ways….now looking back ..not looking for blame or fault consider all aspects …what’s the message…what can we and artist learn from this …first a strong need to convey a terrible thing ..a experience that needed to come out .but we instantly became offended…judged and missed the intended meaning….the artist may or may not blame this moment for what happened next in thier life and career..but know there many lessons we can see….many of us have suffered through a bad experience as children or adults …like most I hung on to blame …tried to find fault in it and myself…I’m not saying to excuse what happened by the hand of whom or whatever it was but….I know as long as I held on to blaming what it was that hurt me I impowered it to keep hurting me ..over and over. .now we all know what happened with that particular religion….and blaming only keeps the wound open…with respect to all religions… consider that religion was stated to help,not hurt ..same as us…a artist….even that person started into the church to help..but like us as time passes it changes the original message..the intent…and blaming will stop you understanding why….or the lesson to be learned…the artist became what she hated most ..labled and blamed ..trapped by one action…our lesson..her lesson is really the same as ours…the same as who ever has been hurt .. understand we will always know what happen but by believing they didn’t know what they were doing…they let the thier soul lead them not thier sprit guide them… together like a young artist with thier soul and sprit working together it will conquer whatever it encounters..the old eternal truth devide and conquer.. look to all the great artist throughout time they brought joy happiness to millions but often suffered and died to early and lonely deaths …we often heard the expression they lost their sprit… Elvis once his sprit left his music changed as did his health….not blaming just feeling what happened…sorry the long post…but don’t rush…read as little or as much as you feel…but consider one last thing…If that artist..that feeling person will not blame or hold to those “awful” feelings for those that wronged her..her parents…the church…it can bring a release and peace that is unbreakable…just as we should let blame and fault go we put on her….she put herself in the same role of what hurt her…imagine that pain ..ether by chance or purpose it happened …we must learn from will continue to happen till we realise we all come from the same sprit and should feel joy in helping each other..and start looking at words like a artist arranges them to refect thier view …time changes words into something completely opposite… awful many lifetimes ago meant something great…to be awefilled ..filled with awe….now it’s means the total opposite … doesn’t really matter why it changed.. maybe we changed and see it differently …just look at all things with out judging ..blaming .or finding fault and together with soul and sprit peace will come to you .

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Just like everyone else looking for paths to encourage open non blaming ..non judging...thought...I been working full time sense I was sixteen years old and now thrity six years have gone by . I have closely watched our "progress" through the technology revolution...but always mindful not to judge or label anything..once you do that you have begun to narrow your options and stopped learning about what you past judgement or labeled...I have come to realized once you have your sprit & soul working together your mind opens up can make incredible insite about what true happiness is

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