The splinter of truth…..

Consider the different messages and lesson we can learn by revisiting stories that have been past from one generation to the next.

Most of you have heard about how great full the lion was to have a thorn or splinter removed from his paw and became friends with child that aided him…

I believe they may be another moral lesson we can learn…. Consider that might be a splinter of truth. Much like a splinter, the truth will fester and cause pain till it comes out…Now are subject the lion or possibly a lie. The splinter is the truth stuck deep in that lie. Now the small child represents purity,sprit and soul working together can easily spot a lie. With that in mind. He reaches into the lie and pulls out the truth…..never label a person or a story, keep your spirtal vision clear explore the old and new……

Published by decodinghappenus

Just like everyone else looking for paths to encourage open non blaming ..non judging...thought...I been working full time sense I was sixteen years old and now thrity six years have gone by . I have closely watched our "progress" through the technology revolution...but always mindful not to judge or label anything..once you do that you have begun to narrow your options and stopped learning about what you past judgement or labeled...I have come to realized once you have your sprit & soul working together your mind opens up can make incredible insite about what true happiness is

One thought on “The splinter of truth…..

  1. The moral value that I have seen in this story is never forget the person who helps us when we are in trouble. A person’s good deed will definitely help him in any critical situation in which he or she will endeavor.


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