Ark of spiritual thought

With complete respect to all religions and every different version written in many languages that has past through time. let’s focus on a possible different moral message. Being a moral sciencetist requires a leap of faith and questioning stories that may make some uncomfortable. As a parent I would welcome any questions from my child ,just as any God would welcome sincere questions from his children. Not reacting in anger or in some vengeful way ..

Consider the ark of the covenant. Most of us are aware what it contained and it’s history. For thousands of years it has been sought out for many reasons. By various groups of people. Fighting over land that may contain this treasure. Let’s consider why they would hope to discover the ark. If they were completely honest about it one reason would be the fame. having thier name attached to it’s history. Another reason the gold and money they would attain and the possibly having the power of God on your side. Striking down all enemy’s as your army goes in to battle.

Let’s consider a truly religions spritual person would not desire admire or want any of these things. Infact it’s seems to prove anyone searching fighting or digging for relegius treasure is proving that thier actions are not of the sprit… It’s amazing this moral trap has worked for thousands of years,right up to modern times…So brilliant and simple to see. We have seen the pictures showing the ark striking armys down with streams of light as they gaze at the prized gold ark…I see this in reverse, there glaze is the stream of lights. Lusting after gold money and power. It’s the very thing anyone that seeks the ark has become. This is thier true downfall. And it’s not a instant thing. It might even take thousands of years before they fall. A sharp moral lesson and a painfull one. Would a god really place something like this in the hands of his children. Would you hand a loaded gun to a small child.

A ark by it’s defention is chest that protects precious items. And through out many religions that’s exactly what it does. What did Noah place in his ark? Animals, Another moral lesson to be sure. At that time they tell us there were nearly 35,000 species of animals. Not sure if the ark could hold that many and I don’t question that. I take the moral message to honor all animals and the care of them…. I would not trade the company and help of animals for any amount of gold money or power to murder fellow man or woman..the lesson is a easy when you let your sprit guide you…..

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Just like everyone else looking for paths to encourage open non blaming ..non judging...thought...I been working full time sense I was sixteen years old and now thrity six years have gone by . I have closely watched our "progress" through the technology revolution...but always mindful not to judge or label anything..once you do that you have begun to narrow your options and stopped learning about what you past judgement or labeled...I have come to realized once you have your sprit & soul working together your mind opens up can make incredible insite about what true happiness is

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