Murder or Kill

A murder or killing definitely not the same…A killing can have many different origins. The killing of an animal that is suffering and no possible path to heal.To feed the thankful for a meal. Various slang I killed that meaning I master that….but murder has one origin and one meaning…A murder is a judgement carried out by a human for thier personal reasons and satisfaction…I would not care to waist a second of my time thinking or seeking out anyone that would murder a human or animal. This person dose not see at this time or understand the world we live in. The sprit of every human or animal can not be erased from exsistants …It returns to where it began and shares knowledge with fellow sprits…Many ancient religions and spiritual beings believe these sprits will be there as each sprit, human and animal alike cross over to aid or remind them of the error of thier ways…Do not judge and learn to understand what really holds value in our world.If not, the sprits of those wronged wait patiently to help teach…

Published by decodinghappenus

Just like everyone else looking for paths to encourage open non blaming ..non judging...thought...I been working full time sense I was sixteen years old and now thrity six years have gone by . I have closely watched our "progress" through the technology revolution...but always mindful not to judge or label anything..once you do that you have begun to narrow your options and stopped learning about what you past judgement or labeled...I have come to realized once you have your sprit & soul working together your mind opens up can make incredible insite about what true happiness is

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